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Development Construction Leading Civil Construction Companies Bundaberg & Wide Bay

Construction of Residential subdivisions is one of the core services at Development Construction.

Throughout his career, Managing Director, Andrew Santalucia has personally developed over 1,100 allotments and has been heavily involved in all facets of the process, from the initial design stages through to the later stages of construction and onto completion. This involvement highlights Development Construction's dedication to the projects it takes on for its clients.

Development Construction assures that all employees are part of an experienced, trusted and highly trained team. All aspects of residential development can be catered for by DEVCON. From the installation of all essential services, such as sewer, drainage, power, water and gas, right down to the final design elements and landscaping features to achieve the best visual amenity possible. Andrew has a hands-on role in the company, overseeing all construction processes, and supports his team with on-going training to ensure the level of safety and quality expected from a Development Construction project is maintained and applied to all developments. In addition to developing for a range of private clients, many projects have been developed in house, on company land. This gives Development Construction clients firsthand experience, on design features, costs savings and the overall saleability of the finished product, which is very important to any project. Development Construction offer a wide range of services including the hiring of their agricultural contractors and plant hire.

All Development Construction staff make sure to uphold the companies proud reputation by providing reliable and professional services, another reason to choose them for your next land development project.

Speak to one of the best civil construction companies in the Bundaberg and Gladstone.


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